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In Lady Eats Apple, radio microphones attached to audience headphones project sound. Yet rather than seeing this as a disadvantage, Gladwin insists such decisions "start to define the aesthetics of the company". doctor home loans Oak Laurel The history of disabled performers in the West is long, if fraught. So-called "freak shows" were a key component of travelling exhibitions in the Victorian era. And in more recent decades a focus has been on community projects, which are often more about charity and occupational therapy than professional art. Today, however, disabled performers are making a stand. They are claiming the right to both doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel www.oaklaurel.com.au 0430129662 control their own narratives and to put on productions judged not by the context of their own life stories but on merit. "Our objective is to make the best art possible," says Gladwin. Back to Back's productions often do not focus on disability at all as a subject matter. As important is "that the actors are seen as professional artists and are paid for their work", says Gladwin.